A Message to World

What is happening in Palestine is a war crime,

More than 4,000 children and 3,000 women were killed, all of them unarmed civilians who did not carry any weapons. They were civilians. Israel killed more than 500 entire families, and cut off basic supplies such as electricity, food, and water from the Gaza Strip. Israel commits massacres and mass murder in Gaza, and also bombs health centers and hospitals, and more than 70 United Nations employees have been martyred in Gaza. There is a complete blockade on the Gaza Strip, all in violation of international law, and phosphorus bombs are also used. Internationally prohibited against civilians.

These are some pictures of the children who were martyred:

Palestine Flag 1 Palestine Flag 2 Palestine Flag 3

Israel committed massacres and collective punishment against the residents of Gaza. More than one and a half million people were displaced from their homes and their homes were bombed. All this was in plain sight, and no one moved. We want to stop the killing and siege on the people of Gaza, and we want to respect international law, which we have been demanding since the first day of the war.

Please be a human and help stop the war.